Natures Menu Freeflow / Tripe / 2kg

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£ 6.49

Delicious raw tripe mince.

High quality minced tripe in an easy to prepare, free-flowing frozen format.


A big hit with dogs, tripe is healthy, delicious and full of flavour. It can also aid digestion as it's packed with good bacteria and enzymes. Freeflow mince is a convenient way to keep larger quantities of protein in your freezer - simply pour out the portion you require when you need it. Our Tripe Raw Freeflow Mince is an ingredient, not a complete meal. Add it to other ingredients to make balanced and nutritious raw meals at home. We believe dogs deserve, real, raw food. That’s why since 1981, we’ve been committed to making high-quality, easy to feed raw food your dog will love.

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