Symply Wet Dog Food / Puppy Fuel / 395g

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Delicious, natural, healthy— just what your dog needs.

A delicious complete and balanced recipe featuring succulent cuts of meat and vegetables.


This Symply Turkey with Brown Rice & Vegetables tray is a delicious complete and balanced recipe featuring succulent cuts of meat and a range of vegetables. These wonderful ingredients are gently cooked to make a gorgeous meal for your companion. Dogs love nothing more than running, playing, catching and splashing. A warm hug, a rub on their tummy and a delicious meal in their bowl is all they really want. We’ve created a food that is nutritionally balanced, wholesome, natural, pure and simple. It’s rich in freshly prepared meat, so it’s easy to digest, giving them all the energy they need to show how much they love you. The best meal for your best friend.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Turkey , Turkey Liver , Brown Rice , Peas , Carrots , Minerals , Salmon Oil , Seaweed , Prebiotic , Fructooligosaccharide , Yucca Extract

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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