Symply Wet Dog Food / Chicken Dinner / 395g

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£ 1.85

All the ingredients for a happy dog!

Delicious, healthy and completely natural.


Created using only high quality ingredients, Symply Dog Adult Chicken Dinner is a balanced, natural and highly palatable wet food that can be served on it's own or to accompany a good quality dry dog food. Ideal to help tempt even the fussiest of eaters, Symply Dog Adult Chicken Dinner contains a minimum 72% chicken and only carefully selected ingredients with no nasty fillers. It's also completely grain free!

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Chicken , Butternut Squash , Peas , Carrots , Minerals , Salmon Oil , Dried Seaweed , Alfalfa , Chicory Root Extract , Yucca Extract

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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