Symply Dry Cat Food / Chicken / 375g

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£ 4.99

Perhaps this can purr-suade you?

A delicious recipe for cats of all lifestages.


Cats and kittens love nothing more than running, climbing, hiding and playing. A warm place to sleep, a tickle under the chin and a delicious meal in their bowl is all they really want. We've created a food that is nutritiously balanced for both growing kittens and fully grown cats. Wholesome, natural, pure and simple. It's rich in freshly prepared meat, so it's easy to digest, giving them all the energy they need to show how much they love you. We apologise in advance for the early morning "Where's my Symply?" meow.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Chicken 60.5% (Fresh Chicken 26%, Dried Chicken 26%, Chicken Fat 6.5%, Chicken Gravy 2%) , Sweet Potato , Potato , Whole Oats , Whole Egg , Monosodium Phosphate , Whole Linseed , Salmon Oil , Cranberry , Seaweed , Glucosamine , MSM , Chondroitin , Yucca Extract

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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