PAW Slow Feeder / Slow Feeder & Lick Pad / Orange

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£ 12.95

Super satisfying, stimulating and rewarding play sessions.

Great for use anytime, anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.


A fantastic addition to the PAW Slow Feeder system, or for use alone to encourage active licking, the PAW Slow Lick Pad effectively stimulates saliva production, as well as improving digestive health and helping to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, acting as a natural soother for your pet. The act of active licking releasing endorphins in pets which help them calm down in stressful situations. If you’ve ever wondered why dogs lick feet, it’s sometimes because they are looking for comfort! The same for cats and many other animals as a primal instinct, the PAW Slow Lick Pad is great for providing natural anxiety relief, comforting your pet while rewarding them with a delicious snack.

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