Nutriment Support Range / Recovery / 500g

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£ 3.95

For dogs who need a little TLC...

Specifically useful for maintaining good health during a period of recovery.


Nutriment’s Recovery Support formula is specifically designed to maintain overall canine health, paying specific attention to times of recovery such as post-exertion/ extreme exercise, stress or whilst undergoing medical treatment. At Nutriment, we understand how important nutrition is for promoting optimal health. Rich in essential nutrition, from high-quality, biologically appropriate ingredients, our recovery support formula is formulated by our in-house canine nutritionists whose priority is animal health and happiness.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

White Fish (Haddock, Pollock) , Organic Chicken with Bone , Organic Chicken Heart , Organic Chicken Liver , Shiitake Mushrooms , Blueberries , Parsley , Salmon Oil , Spirulina , Sunflower Seeds , Turmeric