Nutriment Support Range / Kidney / 500g

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£ 3.95

Delicious, natural, healthy— just what your dog needs.

Beef Offal is rich in Vitamin D which has been proven to help support healthy kidney function.


Nutriment’s Kidney Support formula is specifically designed to maintain overall canine health, paying specific attention to the kidneys. Containing human-grade quality beef and responsibly sourced sardines, our in-house canine nutritionists have carefully selected biologically appropriate ingredients which provide essential nutrition to maintain optimal kidney health. Our kidney support recipe forms part of a species-appropriate diet which is free from grains, additives and harmful chemicals that can be difficult to digest and place strain on a dog’s kidneys.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Beef Tripe , Whole Sardines , Beef Liver , Butternut Squash , Kale , Salmon Oil , Sunflower Seeds , Spirulina , Dandelion Root Powder , Cinnamon , Bilberry Powder