Nature’s Variety Complete Raw Food / Lamb / 1.2kg

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£ 6.69

Delicious, irresistible— and healthy!

Frozen for convenience, just thaw and serve.


Complete raw dog food with selected cuts of lamb. Deliciously meaty raw bites made with quality deboned meat, offal and a nutritious blend of vegetables, fruits and superfoods. Pack size 1.2kg.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Lamb , Carrots , Apple , Pea Fibre , Butternut Squash , Sweet Potato , Minerals , Cranberries , Blackberries , Flaxseed , Chicory Root , Kale , Peppermint , Coconut Oil , Beet Pulp , Green Tea , Yucca , Rosemary , Parsley , Dandelion Root , Hawthorn Leaf

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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