Green & Wilds Dog Treats / Salmon Roll Bakes

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Delicious, natural, healthy— just what your dog needs.

Helps maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.


Green & Wilds Salmon roll bakes are rich in both Omega 3 & 6 which are help keep skin healthy and coats in a good, shiny condition. Salmon Roll Bakes contain no soya, diary, artificial colours or flavourings and they have the advantage that they contain zinc and vitamins which are vital to maintaining good health. No added wheat means that they can be suitable for dogs with certain dietary intolerances.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Salmon Meal , Rye , Oats , Glycerine , Rapeseed Oil , Sesame Seeds , Minerals , Flaxseed , Parsley , Rosemary

Breakdown of Product Ingredients