Green & Wilds Dog Treats / Chicken Roll Bakes

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£ 3.49

Delicious, 100% natural, healthy treats for dogs.

These baked treats contain natural anti-oxidants to care for your dogs overall wellbeing and health.


Green & Wilds Chicken Roll Bakes are a delicious natural baked dog treat packed with health benefits and so delicious your dog is sure to paw at you for 'just one more'. With no hidden nasties each bag is baked without any artificial colours, flavours or bulkers so your dog can really enjoy their treats which have been baked right here in Britain.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Chicken , Rye , Oats , Glycerine , Rapeseed Oil , Sesame Seeds , Minerals , Flaxseed , Aloe Vera , Parsley , Rosemary

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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