Country Hunter Raw Nuggets / Turkey & Goose / 1kg

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£ 4.69

Delicious, natural, healthy— just what your dog needs.

Made with 80% turkey and goose blended with a nutritious combination of wholesome superfoods.


A seriously meaty, complete and balanced meal made with 80% turkey and goose blended with a delicious blend of superfoods, including swede, carrots, peas and taste-bud-tingling redcurrant. We only ever use quality, human-grade meats responsibly sourced from trusted suppliers. No meat meals or meat derivatives, ever. And no artificial colours or preservatives either. Naturally gentle on digestion, perfect for dogs with sensitivities and allergies. Country Hunter Nuggets are a great starter meal for those considering switching their dog to a raw diet. Simply count out the amount of nuggets needed, thaw and serve.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Turkey , Goose , Peas , Redcurrant , Carrots , Swede , Chicory , Yucca Extract , Green Tea Extract , Dicalcium Phosphate

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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