Canagan Cat Food / Free Range Chicken / 1.5kg

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£ 16.99

For all life stages.

Grain free cat food formulated to provide healthy nutrition.


Canagan Free Range Chicken For Cats is a special grain free cat food with over 65% chicken to provide the protein rich diet your cat will thrive on. Formulated by our experts to deliver nutrition with low carbohydrates, no grains and a host of vegetables and botanicals to more closely mimic your cat’s natural diet.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Dried Chicken , Freshly Prepared Deboned Free Range Chicken , Sweet Potato , Potato , Chicken Fat , Dried Egg , Chicken Gravy , Salmon Oil , Minerals , Vitamins , Alfalfa , Cranberry , Mannanoligosaccharides , Fructooligosaccharides , Apple , Carrot , Spinach , Seaweed , Camomile , Peppermint , Marigold , Aniseed , Fenugreek

Breakdown of Product Ingredients

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