Billy + Margot Superfood Cans / Puppy / 395g

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£ 2.69

Superfood for your pet!

Suitable for puppies aged between 2-15 months.


Billy + Margot is a range of wholesome, grain-free dog food, designed by renowned nutritionist and proud dog parent, Marie Jones. Packed with quality protein as well as superfoods and holistic ingredients, each Billy + Margot product is specifically designed to cater for your dog's complex dietary needs, as well as to offer fantastic flavour and texture your dog will love. With more of the texture and flavour of real meat or poultry, their grain-free wet dog food is an ideal way to enhance your dog's nutrition and add an extra level of enjoyment. Expertly balanced and nutritionally complete, it can be served on its own or added to dry food for variety.

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