Billy + Margot Raw Paleo Diet / Wild Kangaroo

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£ 4.49

This will have them hopping to their bowl for dinner!

Complete and balanced food for adult dogs. A novel protein source suitable for all breeds.


At Billy + Margot, we are as passionate about your dog’s health, happiness and wellbeing as you are. Our Raw Paleo Diet range has been created to deliver the most nutritious and wholesome meals for your beloved pups. Billy + Margot Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Raw Paleo Diet is a protein-rich mixture of raw wild kangaroo, chicken with bone and ox offal, blended with superfoods hand-picked for optimum canine nutrition. 100% grain and additive-free, this delicious meal will meet dogs’ complex dietary needs as well as tasting deliciously irresistible.

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