Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 / Mixed Game Meat Feast / 1kg

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£ 5.65

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40% British pheasant, 30% rabbit, 20% British venison, 5% British ox kidney, 5% British ox liver.


A delectable combination of tasty pheasant, rabbit and venison. Your dog will adore this flavoursome meaty combination of 30% wild British pheasant, 20% whole rabbit, 20% wild British venison, 10% bone and 20% British ox offal. The Benyift Natural 80*10*10 range of raw dog food is designed to mimic the diet of ancestral wild dogs and is devoured by our domesticated dogs of today. Packed full of health benefits, including healthy skin and glossy coat, clean teeth and gums, healthy digestion and strong bones.

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