Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 / Lamb Meat Feast / 500g

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Baaaa... rk. Did somebody say lamb?

80% lamb, 10% lamb bone, 5% British ox kidney, 5% British ox Liver.


Flavoursome, nutritious and full of delicious lamb. Benyfit Natural's 80*10*10 raw dog food range packs a meaty punch. Lamb Meat Feast is a deliciously nutritious, complete and satisfying meaty meal for your very best friend. Our 80*10*10 range contains 80% prime cuts of muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% ox kidney and 5% ox liver. The Benyfit Natural raw dog food diet benefits include healthy skin and coat, clean teeth and gums, trouble-free digestion and strong bones. Your dog will thank you for choosing Benyfit Natural.

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What are the ingredients in this product?

Lamb Trim , Lamb Tripe , Lamb Heart , Lamb Bone , Lamb Liver

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